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Tuesday,June 25th Specials

Yankee Pot Roast Dinner (2 sides) 8.95

Meatloaf Dinner (2 sides) 8.95

Meatloaf Sandwich 7.50

Buffalo Tender Panani 7.95

Falafel Wrap with Lemon Tahini Dressing 7.95

Oriental Chicken Pasta Salad 4.95

Roasted Pork Pear and Blue Cheese Chefs Salad 7.95


Turkey Tortellini

Chicken Rice

Corn Chowder

Beef Stew

Mushroom & Wild Roce

Split Pea and Ham

Beef Chili


Now under new ownership!

Locally owned and operated since 1981, City Deli uses the very best ingredients to provide the maximum taste experience. Whether you're stopping by for a sandwich or having us cater your office function, we are committed to customer satisfaction. Guaranteed!

If you are looking for great food, a great experience and  the biggest bang for your buck, call or visit us today!

207 - 772 - 9620